Five Tips To get Your Marketing Emails Forwarding Themselves

by Michele Swetesich-Leon

email-@_webThere are countless marketing methods open to the average business owner nowadays, with email still high on the list. The problem is that spam has turned the customer off, with many hitting delete before they even read the content. If you want to get the attention of your customers via email, use the 5 great tips listed below:

1. Use Emotion: If you pay attention to analytics on social media, which you should, you will see that emotional content gets shared. It doesn’t matter what type of products or services […]

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The True Value of the Follow Up

By Michele Swetesich-Leon

As someone in the B2B community, I commonly hear concerns from business representatives that sales aren’t what they’d like them to be.  They often look to me for ways they can improve visibility to their target audience and build a positive reputation.  Ultimately this should get prospects connecting with them, phones ringing and increase their bottom line.  Makes sense, right?

Once the connection is made, it’s up to the sales person to do their job.  Since only “2% of sales are made on the first contact”, follow up is key.  With so many businesses concerned about decreased sales it […]

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Email Marketing, More than Newsletters

By Michele Swetesich-Leon


I was talking with someone, who at the time was a prospective client.  The focus of our conversation turned to email marketing, which I quickly learned they had some misconceptions about.

They were under the assumption that email marketing was only for entities that have large contact lists and send bulk newsletters.  At that moment the clouds parted and rays of sunshine beamed down on me.  It became clear to me that this is what most people probably believe.  I proceeded to enlighten this person by sharing the many ways […]

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