If you’ve ever wondered where the majority of social media traffic comes from, it’s Facebook, by a mile.

Shareaholic studies the metrics of different social media platforms over 4 months, with a clear winner emerging during that time. It was Facebook who stood head and shoulders above the rest when it came to delivering referrals.

There are many companies who have openly criticized the way their Pages have taken a hit with the Facebook algorithm, but the fact of the matter is that Facebook in entitles to chase more ad revenues.
It’s worth noting, though, that the shrinkage in the amount of page interaction has done little to affect the number of referrals that Facebook delivers. When it comes to sending traffic to your website, Facebook is the king of all social media, miles ahead of the nearest rival, Pinterest.

What’s slightly surprising, especially in light of the numbers, is that many marketers have become disillusioned with Facebook.  One such person is Kevan Lee of Buffer, who recently spoke about a routine that he has when checking his statistics on Facebook. There was a lot of talk about surrounding himself with ice cream and happy tunes, which he hoped would help cushion the blow of the stats that seemed to be on a steady decline.

While his complaints are a little tongue in cheek, the same cannot be said for Eat24, as they chose to end their relationship with Facebook in a way that was not entirely amicable. It was the break up letter from hell, as the foodie site, with a seemingly never ending list of P.S. markers at the bottom, just in case the Facebook folks didn’t get the message of disillusionment in the words that came before all that.

The fact of the matter is, though, that if you have a following that is less than 10,000 fans, which is the case for the vast majority of fan pages, there is no need to turn to ice cream or compose a “Dear John” letter when you see your interactions fall in the 25-30 per post range. According to the Scott Baker chart shown below, that is exactly where you should be.

Furthermore, if you are in an industry that is decidedly “uncool,” you can expect those numbers to be a whole lot less than what you would see on a hip or fashionable site.

While the metrics may suggest that Facebook marketing is heading down the drain, it may be wise to stick with them.  Sure, you may not be the top priority on everyone’s timeline, but you can bet that you are still getting views and referrals from Facebook.

Perhaps it’s time to stop being so needy. Think of Facebook like that boy or girl that you like, you know, the one’s that only react when you pay them no attention. Do that, and we can guarantee that Facebook will continue to deliver.