Michele Leon, Marketing Creative

Business owners and marketers often overlook the benefits of using email as a marketing channel.  Yes, other new methods are available now to communicate with your audience, such as social media, but email continues to be relevant and somewhat supreme for various reasons.

Did you know that email marketing gives you a $36 return on investment for every dollar you spend?  Email marketing can help boost your brand awareness and marketing campaigns in several ways.  If you are a business wondering why email marketing is important, this post is for you.

Reasons Why Email Marketing is Important

Email marketing may be the legacy mode of communication in the digital world, but it is still one of the most effective to communicate with your target audience.  As a business owner or a marketer, here are reasons why email marketing is important and still relevant to date.

A Universal Tool

Everyone uses email.  From school-going teenagers to senior citizens, most people have at least one email address.  Customers may not be comfortable giving out their phone numbers.  But email is something that gives them an option and flexibility to read it at their discretion.

According to McKinsey, 91% of US consumers still use emails on a daily basis.  That figure should be enough reason why email marketing is important.  Think of it as a single free-email message allowing you to capture 91% of America’s population.  How many marketing mediums can offer you such an outreach?

You can send out an introductory message, a subscription request, a sales email, or a post-sales support message.  Simply put, email marketing is one of the most effective mediums to reach your audience.

Email is an Affordable Marketing Tool

While other marketing mediums such as print, social media, and televised marketing cost money, email marketing is mostly free.  You can target a wide range of consumers, costing you less than pennies.  All you need is a bit of research into who your customers are and design an email and its content to appeal to your target audience.

Various email marketing services such as Mailchimp allow you to send approximately 10,000 emails per month without costing you any money.  However, if you are a larger business, you can opt to pay for a bigger monthly plan and send out emails to as many as half a million subscribers.

You can write an email and send it to customers.  However, if you wish your email marketing campaign to make a significant difference to your ROI, hiring an email marketing expert or partnering with a digital marketing agency might be a better option.

An email marketing expert will cost you money.  Still, with a $36 return on each dollar you spend, it is definitely an affordable medium to promote your business and boost your conversion rate.

Boosts Your Brand Awareness

Many businesses are under a misconception that social media is the only modern-day marketing channel to boost their brand awareness.  However, you must know that email marketing also enables your business to increase your brand’s outreach into existing and new markets.

This does not mean that you must send out several emails daily to each customer.  Instead, you can use email as a great way to stay involved with your customers.  The email does not always have to be about sending promotional messages.  Sending an email relevant to current important national scenarios is also a great way to offer value to your consumer base and potential customers.

For instance, during the pandemic, sending out important updates based on the development and implementation of your business plan was an excellent reason to reach your customers.  This shows your customers that you care and are a trustworthy brand.

Connect with your Customers

Emails allow your business to consistently stay in touch with your prospective and existing customer base.  Your customers can check your emails at their convenience.  Moreover, emails are an effective way to keep your business on top of your customers’ minds.

From thanking your customers for buying from you to sending out promotional messages, you can use email for myriad reasons.  The best part is that website visitors and customers subscribing to your emailing list give you consent to send them emails related to your business.  This increases your chances of boosting your customers’ engagement effortlessly.

Customers Respond to Emails

74% of marketers rate email as one of the most effective marketing channels as customers are more likely to respond to emails.  Whether you are looking for feedback or want customers to complete a call-to-action such as a buy or sign up, email can boost your click-through rate.  Research shows that sending out one email campaign per week can get your business a higher email opening and click-through rate.

It’s Adaptable

An email marketing strategy does not have to be static.  You can use this marketing medium as per the need of the hour.  For instance, if you are a startup, you can use emails to gather the contact information of your potential customers via a message to subscribe.

Similarly, you can send your clients a birthday or seasonal holiday message.  This will help your brand stay on top of your customers’ minds and also show your new target audience that you are a brand that cares.

Measurable Metrics

Several email marketing tools allow you to track and measure the performance of your email marketing campaign.  You can track email’s delivery rate, unsubscribe rate, bounce rate, open rate as well as click-through rate.

These statistics give you valuable insight into the performance of your email campaigns.  You will be able to identify which emails do and do not work with our consumer base.  This way, you can tweak your emails and create messaging that entices and engages your existing and prospective customers.

However, you have to remember that the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign depends on your target audience and industry.  For example, if you are a car insurance company, your existing customers would like a reminder email when their insurance is up for renewal.  This proactive email marketing strategy will enable you to retain your current clientele.

However, you must ensure not to overdo it.  Too many emails can frustrate your customers, with the risk of your emails landing on a blocklist.  Therefore, know your customers to ensure you are doing it all right.

Reaching your Customers On-the-Go

According to Statista, over 80% of the world’s population now own smartphones.  This means that most of your customers will be opening emails using a smartphone or other mobile devices, no matter which country you operate in.  Therefore, emails give you an opportunity to capture your audience and promote your business on the go.  A well-designed email with a personalized message can help increase your conversion rate via mobile compared to another form of marketing.

Targeted Messaging

Marketing campaigns primarily focus on boosting click-through rates for various purposes, including lead generation.  Therefore, it is also known as email lead marketing.  The main objective is to contact your potential consumers during different stages of your sales cycle.

For instance, you can send lucrative offers to interested buyers still in the consideration stage.  You can send out a welcome message to customers after subscribing to your mailing list, along with a link to explore the range of products or services your business has to offer.

However, instead of sending out a generic message, do some research and send out an email that addresses each customer.  According to LinkedIn, 72% of customers choose to respond to personalized emails addressing directly to them.  Furthermore, 91% of customers are willing to buy from companies sending out customized offers.

Therefore, refrain from writing generic messaging, including all the offers in a single email and sending it out to your entire contact list.  Instead, it is best to do a bit of research and categorize your mailing list based on various demographics such as age, gender, location, profession, interest, etc.  This approach will allow you to send personalized email marketing messaging to each consumer category.

Remember your customers are looking for information to help them move into the next buying phase.  Therefore, sending out the right email marketing content can help you generate leads and enter customers into your sales funnel.


Whether you are an established business, a startup, a freelancer, or a blogger, email marketing can be an important tool to promote your brand and its content.  Email marketing tools can help you deploy a cost-effective digital marketing strategy.  The best part is that it promises high ROIs for every dollar you invest in this marketing campaign.

From promoting your brand to guiding your customers throughout their buying journey and offering after-sales support, emails allow you to create a cohesive customer experience.  Creating personalized messaging boost your consumer engagement and lead generation at the most affordable cost.

You can use this marketing medium as a testing opportunity to capture valuable customers’ data via feedback.  This information will help you understand your customers’ interests, pain points, and needs.  You can then use this information to create personalized marketing and email campaigns for each segment of your clientele.