By Michele Swetesich-Leon

There was a time, not so very long ago, when the average business would be able to get by quite nicely without any kind of online presence. Those days are gone now, especially since the vast majority of people take to the internet to find whatever it is they need. Your little ad in the Yellow Pages will be going unread by the masses as your competitors pull in the crowds at their shiny new sites.

Website marketing is the way forward for businesses big and small, and if yours isn’t part of that, here’s what you will be missing out on:

  1. Late Night Shoppers.  Imagine being able to sell your products or services around the clock. You don’t have to anymore, as that is just one of the capabilities you get from having a website. Potential customers can make reservations, buy goods, or leave questions they want answered while you sleep.
  2. Your Competition Has a Website.  Guess what? If you don’t have a website, those customers are going to head on over your competitors that does. Not having a website essentially tells the modern customer that you are behind the times.
  3. The Googler’s.  We mentioned earlier how the internet is how people find what they need. Specifically, we should have said Google. If you have no online presence to speak of, all of those Google users won’t be able to find you, no matter how creative they get with their searches.
  4. Emotional Branding.  One of the big buzzwords in website marketing these days is branding. You may think of that as having nothing more than a cool looking logo, but branding goes much deeper than that. It allows you to build an emotional connection with your target audience, so that when they see that logo, they know exactly what to expect. Without a website, branding gets a whole lot toug­her.
  5. Higher Revenue.  Your business will also be missing out on a slice of the ever growing pie that is small business revenues. The Small Business Administration (SBA) estimates that businesses with a website earn an average of $1.07 million more than those that don’t. That’s a 39% difference that you ignore at your own peril.
  6. Global Opportunity.  Prospective customers are everywhere. The number of people that use the internet is growing in leap and bounds on a daily basis. With no website, those are people that will never be customers. You will have a very limited reach if you do not get your business online and engage in some type of website marketing.  Websites give you endless reach.

The harsh reality is that if you don’t have a website, your business will be considered something of a relic. Business moves at a fast pace nowadays, and a good percentage of it takes place online. That is a percentage that is going to continue to grow, and which will ultimately hurt you if you are not part of it. You might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of affordable web design options out there for you to take advantage of, so get your business with it and get yourself a website.